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The Best 5 Online Clothing Shop in Malaysia

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Online shopping is a new way of buying the items shopper need by browsing through a website. Online shopping allows shopper to shop anywhere they want, regardless of the time, because a website is open 24 hours, unlike a physical store. Numerous online clothes retailers sell various clothing, accessories and shoes so that every people may feel overwhelmed by the selection.


H&M is among Malaysia’s most popular clothing shop that offer multiple styles of apparel for both men and women. H&M aims for people to be able to express themselves through fashion as well as promote them to be more sustainable with their lifestyle. H&M has various brands such as Weekday, COS, Monki and Around.  H&M also providing choices for the customers, so they do not run out of options.  

H&M offers a well-developed website that allows customers to purchase online whenever and wherever customers want with its extensive selection of clothing for men, women, kids and even babies. This function saves time and energy as it prevents customers from travelling from one place to another to get clothes for parents and their children.


Padini is a popular clothing store that every shopper can find in shopping malls all over Malaysia. Padini is also one of the Malaysia’s promising clothing shops, selling the current trends of men, women and kids clothing from different brands at a wide range of prices. Padini vision is to be the best fashion company ever is aligns with its trendy clothing line.

Every shopper will find many stylish collections of apparel, accessories bags and footwear from brands such as Padini Authentics, P&Co, Seed, PDI, Vincci and Miki. Padini owns Brands Outlet, and these different brands and labels provide its customers with more fashion options, ensuring a pleasant online shopping experience.


Monki was founded in 2006 in Sweden and is within the H7M group. Monki believes that fashion is the way of expression, and everyone have a passion for it. Monki wants to be known for various things, but its focus is on on-trend collections, conscious initiatives, brave sustainability efforts and sisterhood values. With its distinct characteristic style, Monki fashion brand wishes to inspire everyone to showcase their style in their own way.

Monki offers a variety of fashionable clothing and accessories to act as the final touch to customer’s whole look. Not only that, customers can browse through all of Monki products offered at different prices online, allowing customers to get the in-fashion outfit even while at home. Plsu, Monki aims to empower women to empower the world through fashion.


POPLOOK is the perfect clothing store for those who seek modesty. POPLOOK has over 1,500 latest design options and sizes from Xs to 4XL which allowing customers to get their favourite clothes still even if customers have a change of size. Malaysia’s homegrown modest fashion label promises customers a seamless online and in-store shopping experience.

POPLOOK fashion brand offers clothing, handbags, headscarves and shoes for adults and children, allowing customers to have matching outfits with all the family and friends. POPLOOK also has a non-profit Gives Back campaign to give back to needy women and children. With POPLOOK, every customer can get in-fashion clothing without breaking the bank.

Cotton On

Cotton On is proud to be known as an Australian-born clothing brand. Cotton On acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the native custodians of the land where the brand lives and works. Cotton On’s global support centre is situated in Wadawurrung Country.By browsing Cotton On’s website, customer can find 8 Australian lifestyle brands such as Cotton On, Typo, Cotton On Kids, Ceres Life, Factorie, Supré, Cotton On Body and Rubi.

Cotton On provides variations of clothes, activewear and accessories for both male and female, allowing every customer to get a matching couple t-shirt with their partner. Cotton On clothing brand caters to teenagers by offering a collection of collaboration t-shirts from movies, TV shows, sports, pop culture and music.  

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