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The Best 3 Best Gaming PCs Shop in Malaysia

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No computer can claim to be the best gaming PC because buying a gaming PC is very different from buying a gaming laptop. A gaming PC is made up of many different parts and components and there are almost always new hardware releases every few months. It is more important to understand which is the better channel to get the right gaming PC, rather than knowing which models or brands are the best.

Ideal Tech PC

Ideal Tech PC is one of the oldest custom PC builders in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Custom build PC for customers isn’t anything new at Ideal Tech. Many small computer shops build PC for the customers too. However, Ideal Tech PC is the company that nails it by focusing on building the business around custom PCs and workstations, rather than relying only on selling PC parts and accessories.

For users who do not want to look out on PC parts such as GPU, CPU, single-channel, dual-channel and Mhz, it is better to stick with Ideal Tech PC monthly PC package promotion, which is available on Shopee. Customer can also check out the Ideal Tech Shopee store which sells gaming PC and all kinds of gaming peripherals such as gaming monitors, gaming mice and gaming keyboards.

Topone Technology

Topone Technology is new to the custom PC market. Topone Technology was established in 2018 but Topone Technology has thousands of fans on Facebook and received rave reviews from customers. Topone Technology main sales channels are through Facebook and Shopee. The good thing with small computer shops is Topone Technology are usually more attentive to customers’ requirements and always give the best effort.  

The sales support at Topone Technology will advise customer on the best specification based on your budget and usage. Customer can try to hit them up on Facebook or Shopee. Topone Technology customer support is willing to reply and respond even after working hours. Topone Technology Facebook page is filled with carefully crafted, stylish and high-end gaming PC or workstations.


Rextech was founded in 2015 with a team of specialist PC builders. Rextech has almost 30,000 followers on its Facebook page and Rextech shop is located in the Puchong area. Rextech offers various low and mid-end prebuilt PC packages that are suitable for average users for every month. If customers need a more powerful gaming PC, just get in touch with the support staff to get advice and quotation.  

Other than that, customers can try out on Rextech part pickers feature on the official website, which is beautifully done. It is a step-by-step selection process. But, the options for the PC parts are limited. Some of the reasons to buy at Rextech are there are plenty of prebuilt PC packages, fast delivery time, dedicated and knowledgeable staff at this shop, fast response from the staff and great step-by-step PC  builder on official website.

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