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What does BGI Malaysia do ?

BGI Malaysia offers partners throughout the world a complete package of its “Huo-Yan” laboratory solution, which enables implementation of rapid detection and diagnosis of patients suspected of having COVID-19.

Functional Genomics (Common study type in functional genomics).

The phenotype of a sample is affected by changes in the DNA (genome and epigenome), RNA (transcriptome), or interactions between the DNA/RNA and proteins.

  • Genotyping

Genotyping are those that reveal variations in a sample’s DNA sequence. In order to detect changes in the genotype that may account for the difference in phenotype, genomic DNA samples are frequently taken from two different sets of samples, such as drought-resistant rice cultivars and their counterparts that are drought-sensitive.

  • Transcription Profiling

Sometimes referred to as “expression profiling.” It entails measuring the transcription (RNA) level gene expression of several genes in cell or tissue samples. In order to provide “snapshots” of expression patterns, quantification can be done by gathering biological samples and extracting RNA (in most cases, total RNA) after a treatment or at predetermined time-points in a time-series.

A researcher can decide to concentrate on quantifying transcription of all or a subset of transcripts, genes, coding exons, non-coding RNA, and other biological components for common reference genomes with well-annotated transcripts and genes (such as the human genome).

  • Epigenetic Profiling

The study of how DNA/chromatin interactions or biochemical modifications affect gene regulation in a cell when those interactions or modifications are unrelated to changes in the underlying DNA sequence.

By first turning unmethylated cytosines into uracil with the aid of bisulfite, which permits methylated and unmethylated cytosines to be differentiated, methylation of CpG dinucleotides (typically found close to gene promoters) can be identified at the DNA level.

  • DNA/RNA-protein interactions

Nucleic acid sequences can bind to transcription factors, ribosomes, and other DNA/RNA-binding proteins, which can then affect how genes are translated and transcribed. The investigation of protein-binding sites on RNA has also been done using the immunoprecipitation approach.

  • Meta Analysis

A subfield of functional bumi genomics where information from previous studies is integrated to build statistically more potent models of a biological process This kind of analysis has gained popularity since it makes it possible to spot tiny events that were missed by smaller research.

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